Our Halloween Party ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone! Small Kids Class, here!

Did you think anyone would be scared to wear costumes? Everyone was actually very good! They were ready to start a normal day! 

After our hello song, everyone took some extra time to practice saying “Trick or Treat” before doing the “Orange Pumpkin” dance!

After doing some Halloween Flashcards, Toni asked “Who wants to play a game?” Everyone did! We made a monster with so too many eyes, and everyone was so brave!

Then there was a second game! A secret present was in a brand new mystery box.

At the tables, everyone worked very hard on their craft. 

Did you get to see their bat hats? They did so well.

There was a fashion show, too. Some small kids were ready to go, and others needed a few more hugs to help them through.

After a quick story time, Toni and Mika called everyone up one by one. “Trick or treat,” were the magic words to get their last presents. 

Everyone had a good time and did their best!

Mika and Toni are so proud of you, Small Kids! Our party finished so quickly, but I hope you had as much fun as we did!


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