Our New Routine ★ Kindy 3


Good morning Kindy 3!

Welcome to a new year at IKA! We are going to be doing so many new things this year and it starts with our morning routine. We have some new things to do this year and are adding some more parts to what we already know to expand our knowledge.

Some of the things that we will be learning this year is how to use verbs in different sentences. Each verb changes depending on the person we are talking about. It can be confusing at first but I know everyone will get the hang of it soon.

We will also be expanding on our dates as well. We will be adding more details onto the date and even changing the format that we write it later in the year to understand that things can be written differently but still have the same meaning.

After completing all of the tasks, we go over it as a class to find and fix any mistakes that are made so that we can all learn about them together. With a little bit of time we will be able to find even more mistakes on our own when writing.

Overall I know it may seem hard now Kindy 3, but I know that you can do it and we will make the journey together.

Great Work Kindy 3!


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