Our Outside Playtime! ☆ Preschool


It was so warm and sunny outside, so we had our playtime in the school yard! We were so excited to play, but first we had to put on our shoes!

“I’m ready to put my shoes on!”

Let’s try it, one by one!

“I can do it myself!”

Next, we can decide what we want to play with! There are so many toys to choose from!

“I can go so fast! This one is my favorite!”

We love to climb on the jungle gym!

Look how high we can go! We can see everyone from up here!

Playing on the Rody is also a lot of fun!

“Boing boing boing!”

There are many other things to play with outside!

“I found a hoop to roll!”

“What should I play with next?”

Sometimes we just like to share a hoop with our friends!

We love playing outside now that the weather is getting warmer! We hope we can go outside again soon and have a lot more fun playing with our friends and teachers! Good job and have fun preschool!


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