Our Physical Prowess ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3! We have been hard at work practicing for our Christmas concert but still find time to get some practice in for Sports day too! Here is a sample of the things we are going to impress you with.

One big thing we are working on involving teamwork is a relay race. It has been a little hard to pass the baton without dropping it but we are steadily getting better and faster too.

We had a ton of fun racing with each other and are able to cheer really loudly for our team. But that isn’t all we have been practicing, we are also getting better at jumping over the box at max height and flipping over the bar.

They are both really hard to do well but with a little more practice I’m sure we can all do it in the end. Keeping enough speed to go all the way around is the difficult part and we are all trying our best.

In the end, it has been difficult but also very rewarding to work together and encourage each other to try harder and improve each step of the way.

Thanks for working your best Kindy 3!


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