Our Pretend Restaurant ☆ Preschool


We wanted to serve some food in our pretend restaurant! Let’s start by making sure the plates we will be using are all clean!

“It’s so shiny!”

Next we have to listen carefully to the order to be sure we give out the right food.

“I’m so focused!”

“I have to choose the correct one, so I’ll look closely!”

Once we know what to get, we have to make sure that it’s what the customer wants!

“I found the bacon you wanted!”

“Did you ask for this one?”

After we find the food we have to put it on our plate and carry it over to our customer!

“Here you are!”

“I have to be careful with the food!”

“I’m making sure it doesn’t fall!”

“I’m coming with your order!”

“I don’t want to drop any!”

We even like to pretend we have a restaurant with our friends during playtime! We have lots of food to show everyone”

“We have lots of vegetables on our plates! It’s so healthy!”

“We have drinks and snacks prepared!”

We love to practice saying the names of food as we play, it’s so much fun! We want to keep working hard learning more about what we like to eat!

Good job, Preschool!


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