Over the moon (Kindy 1)


Hello everyone!

On Thursday, Kindy 1 were over the moon about Mr Furuta’s lessons starting again! We’ve been waiting for so long and we couldn’t contain our excitement!

We got to practice our rabbit jumps!

We even sat so nicely when he was explaining what we were going to do next.

We got to practice our lion crawling!

And because we worked hard we had a quick nap to rest our bodies, “Goodnight!”

Then it was back at work; crawling on our bellies like snakes.

Use those muscles!

We did lots of warming up and stretching!

We made helicopters and tested our balance!

We showed off our beautiful somersaults!

And strengthened our muscles!

We’re so glad you’re back Mr Furuta, we missed you!


Kindy 1.


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