Planetarium Field trip ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3! Our trip to the planetarium was a great success. We had so much fun and saw so many things. Let’s see what happened!

Inside the planetarium we were able to see the stars as well as the planets. Some of us were a little nervous for the lights to go out but having our friends around helped make use relax.

There were so many exhibits to see. We got to try our hands at interacting with pulleys. They make it much easier to lift heavy things. There were even human bones. This was a really exciting part for all the kids to see what our bodies are made up of.

By the time lunch came, we were so hungry and our mom’s lunch was looking great! We ate quickly so we could get as much time to play as possible.

We had a running race to see if we could beat the computer and we came close but it was really hard. Each time we tried, we got a little closer. Maybe we can win next time!

There was a really big dinosaur skeleton and we could try using some tools to search for bones in the dirt.

The tornado demonstration was super cool! It went from the floor up so high. It was really spinning fast and the air around it was nice and cool. We could stare at this for hours.

Each room that we went into had some new and exciting things to see. There we so many experiments on different subjects. We all had a lot of fun making some balls fly up into the air. They always go straight up and don’t fall out because of the winds direction.

At the end of the day we were all so tired, but it was well worth the energy. We had so much fun and we made a lot of new memories with our friends. Finally the rain let up and we were able to get a photo all together outside!

Great job Kindy 3! You guys worked together wonderfully!


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