Practice Makes Perfect☆Kindy2


Howdy, everyone! Winter is in full swing and that means it’s almost time for our CHRISTMAS CONCERT !!! We hope you’re just as excited as we are, because we are sure to put on a show for you!

Christmas concert isn’t all about just song and dance though. Teamwork and comradery is an important aspect to putting on a good performance! This is a unique opportunity for everyone to bond in a special way and strengthen our bonds! Cheers!

It also goes without saying, dancing and singing can get a bit tiring. So this is also a great opportunity to teach about staying hydrated! Remember: if you’re thirsty it means you’re already a bit dehydrated! Don’t forget to take a sip every now and then, especially during periods of high activity!

Another big lesson that Christmas concert is teaching us? Patience. There are portions of practice where we need to wait our turn! Learning to quietly pass some time with our friends has been a great learning experience for us all!

And of course, some of us just love to sing and dance even when we don’t have to! We appreciate the enthusiasm and we are so excited to show everyone what Kindy 2 has been working so hard towards! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Kindy 2!


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