Practicing our Halloween Song! ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone!

Small Kids class has really enjoyed learning about Halloween, and they’ve been especially happy to learn our theme song, Orange Pumpkins!

“Orange Pumpkins, growing on the vine,”

We’re doing really well trying to keep up with each other. Maybe one side is easier than the other. ^. ^

“Orange pumpkins, oh so fine!”

Some parts of the song are greatly anticipated. 

“Orange pumpkins, growing on the ground. Orange pumpkins, big and round!”

But everyone watches so closely.

Grow orange pumpkins, grow grow ~!” 

We wiggle, we balance, we jump, and we shake our heads! 

“Orange pumpkins, grow grow grow!” (Jump jump jump!)

“Grow orange pumpkins, grow grow ~! We won’t pick you, no no no. We won’t pick you, no! No! No!” 

Can you see them getting ready for their favorite part?

“…’till Halloween ~!” (Pose!)

Everyone does really well when they dance to Orange Pumpkins after lessons, and sometimes they sing or dance during playtime if they hear it come up on our music playlist. Toni is glad to see them having fun and feeling excited enough to want to dance next to her. Toni and Mika love dancing with you all, Small Kids! Are you also practicing at home? I hope you all show your families!


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