Ring a Ling ★ Kindy 3



Hello Kindy 3!

Is everyone getting excited for Christmas? We sure are and we just learned how to play the bells for our concert. We will start practicing our song and everyone seems to be excited to play them.

First we learned how to hold them so they don’t make noise whenever we don’t want to play. They are fun so it takes some self control to hold them still. The bells are a little bit hard to ring nicely but with some practice we all managed to get it down.

After learning some of the basics it was time to move on to something more difficult. We all lined up in musical order and played the scale. Everyone understands how it is suppose to work but working with each other’s timing can be hard.

Overall, it was a ton of fun and everyone was excited and wanted to keep practicing. We have a wonderful song to play for you all and we hope you are excited to hear it as well.

It was time to finish for the day and we were able to learn a lot. We all have our own bells to play and are eager to play more.

Great job Kindy 3!


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