Santa’s Best Friend! ☆ Preschool


Hey everyone! We got to learn all about Santa’s friend: The Elf on the Shelf!

Can you see him hiding on this page? Look closely!

This elf watches us for Santa! When we go to sleep, he moves around the classroom! Let’s see if we can find him!

He’s over there!

Suddenly, the elf has moved! Let’s see if we can find him again!

He went that way, now he’s across the room?! Where will he be next?!

Hello, elf! We can see you!

Once we’ve found the elf, we can do something really special. Since he’s Santa’s friend, he can tell Santa what we want for Christmas! Who wants to try first?

We all want to try!

Let’s take turns speaking to the elf, one-by-one!

I know what I want, so I’ll tell him directly!

I want to be sure to use my big voice when telling him what I want!

There’s no need to be nervous, he’s super friendly! Say what you want!

The elf is a very good listener!

I’ll try to speak clearly and closely!

There’s one more rule, though! Even though the elf can listen to what we want from Santa, we can’t touch him! Maybe if we touch the elf, he might get scared and go back to the North Pole! Oh no! Let’s keep our distance just in case!

He’s riding our airplane! How exciting!

We want a closer look! We want to tell him our wishes!

The elf is going to stay in our classroom until Christmas! It looks like he’s made more new friends already!

We hope he has fun while he’s staying in our classroom, and that he tells Santa that we’ve been really good this year! Amazing job welcoming our new guest, Preschool!


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