Show and Tell (Kindy 1)


Hello everyone!

Lately in Kindy 1 we’ve been doing a good job with our Show and Tell and thought you might like to hear about what kind of questions we get asked!

We always start with an introduction; “This is my Show and Tell. I like it because …”
and we give a reason why we like it. “Because it’s cute!”, “because it’s fun!”, “because it’s Paw Patrol!”


(because it’s an ambulance!)

(because it’s Kitty!)

We then ask, “Do you have any questions?” And everyone says, “I do!”
Everyone has a chance to ask our friends questions.

We ask lots of questions!
“What is it?”, “What are they?”, “What is it’s name?”, “What are their names?”, “What is your favourite (one, page, etc…)?”

(It’s my baby panda!)

“Who gave it to you?”, “Who gave them to you?”

(My mummy gave it to me!)

“How do you use it?”, “How do you play with it?”

(I race with them!)

“Where did you go?”, “Where did you get it?”, Where did you get them?”
…and many more depending on our Show and Tell item!

We then finish by saying, “Thank you for listening!”, and all our friends reply, “Thank you, (name)! Can you show us please?” We then go around showing our friends!

We’re still a little shy but we love showing our friends our Show and Tell! We’re trying our big voices and practicing using English together!

Good job, Kindy 1!


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