Soap Please! ⭐︎Small Kids


Hello Everyone! Small Kids Class Here!

I hope mommy and daddy are proud of their small kids, because everyone is able to show their growing independence right after they arrive at school! Before class even begins, we prepare to wash our hands. 

Look at us all waiting for our friends to come join us!

“Hang your towels up, please!” Did you know we can use the loops on our towels by ourselves? Some of us are still trying to figure out how our friends can do this. 

“Do you need your blue chair?” We love to use our step stools! Toni and Mika used to bring them out only for the smallest of us. We like to get them for ourselves all the time now.

“Soap, please!” We love the water, so Toni and Mika do need to remind us to get the soap, haha!

“Rub, rub, rub. Rub, rub, rub.” We are practicing to wash our hands properly; palm, fingers, back of the hands, and wrist. 

“A little more.” Toni and Mika are watching closely to make sure we do!

“Okay, bye bye soap!” We are really good at rinsing. 

“Shake, shake, shake!” We do our best to shake our hands dry before we let our friends have their turn. Can you see the water on the mirror? 

Before lunchtime, we wash our hands one more time. “Are you done yet?” We like to make sure our hands are clean, especially after we use the sandpit outside, or if we used playdoh inside. 

“Please put your towels in your bag.” When it’s time to go home, we get our towels off our hooks and bring them to our backpacks. We open our bags, put everything inside, and do our best to zip everything closed. 

Did you know we are working so hard to do everything by ourselves? Are you letting us practice at home too? We can show you!

Good job, Small Kids! Let’s continue to do our best and have fun every day!



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