Some Questions Get Silly Answers⭐︎Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

Everyone is getting very comfortable with listening to Toni and Mika. Not everyone is talking yet, but we sure are good at answering somehow. It’s so exciting to ask you a question and get a response to prove you understood!

(Swish swish swish) (Meow, meow, meow)

It’s very exciting for us to get you engaged with something we know you can do! It’s even better when we don’t see your different answers coming, but it completely makes sense to you and we love it!

(Touch!) (You noticed Toni’s button was undone)

Even if you ignore what we say, thank you for always being helpful.

(Can you see the camera?) (Haha, you got closer to see it)

How smart you all are to find creative solutions!

(Oh, do castanets eat maracas?) (You took it back)

Sometimes we think you are trying to figure things out, but then you decide you would rather continue as you were. That’s fine because we know you are very focused.

(Do you want to be an angel?) (We can still see you haha)

We often do things as a group, and everyone normally loves to copy each other. You get so excited when you become a trendsetter!  

(Hmm, is Toni a table?) (Maybe she is a chair)

Someone will see Toni or Mika playing and decided they want to play too. Everyone can share our attention so well. 

(Can you put the zebra together?) (Oh my, you lost the pictures)

We often practice many types of activities. Normally if you can do it, you want to do it again and again. Don’t worry, we are always available to keep helping you.

(Do you want to clap together?)


Everyone is so funny in class! We hope you show these responses when you play at home too, Small Kids! 


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