Spooky Haunted House ★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

As you are all aware Halloween is upon us. We are all getting excited for celebrating together and having an exciting time. We began making our IKA Kindy 3 Haunted House to share with everyone!

We got the walls painted and it was harder than we expected. We wanted to make it just right and all worked together to get the colors nicely painted next to each other.

With the walls out of the way it was time to get on with the custom decorations. We added many designs in the places we thought looked nice and were able to get a good looking pattern going on.


We even acted like zombies and added our own ghoulish hands onto the walls. We think it will scare you so be prepared! This is going to be our last Halloween as a Kindy class so we are putting all the effort we can into.

We put a lot of effort into it and had so much fun making it. We know that you are going to enjoy seeing it and we hope that it doesn’t scare you too much. Lets make this a great Halloween and enjoy our time together.

Nice teamwork Kindy 3!


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