Swishy Craft Day☆ Preschool


Hello everyone, Preschool Class here!

We recently did more crafts! It’s all very fun, but now that we are getting better in class, Toni is teaching us to sit so that we can focus on more instructions. 

“Everyone can see me? Please put your hands on your lap!”

Our brand new activity with this craft was to shred our red ribbons. It took us a little practice with our teachers before we got the hang of it. 

“Open it, then pull, okay?”

We loved to color the middle of our paper bowl. Toni and Nanami needed to help remind us to color the sides too.

“Wow, it’s so colorful!”

After that, we were given black crayons, and had to draw a face. Some of us were really good, and some of us needed a little more help.

“Can you draw two eyes? One, two. What about a mouth? How happy!”

Inside our bowl, we could stick our ribbons. It was a fun surprise for us!

“Stick stick!”

It all looks wonderful! But, maybe we don’t know what it is?





Next week we’ll be learning a new theme, Ocean Animals! Toni is so excited to go over them with you, and then you’ll be able to see; we made one!

Good job, Preschool! Let’s keep doing our best and having fun together with Toni and Nanami!


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