Take Over the World★ Kindy 3


Hello Kindy 3!

This month we are learning about our planet. There are so many cool things to see around the world and we focused on the biggest, longest, and tallest of the bunch.

The game is simple, when you win you move your people into another country to take control. When you get more land, you become stronger.

But of course it wont be that easy. You first need to know about the world before you can win it. We had races between the teams to get the answers about different places and then they could take a country.

Some of the kids got really fired up and ready to attack. They all wanted to win the game so bad and put as much effort as they could into the race. There were a few places that each team really wanted to win and kept changing between them.

They used great team work to decide what country they wanted to take next and even used some strategy to get the other teams away.

In the end it was a ton of fun trying to win the entire world and all the teams were very close, but only one team came out with the most control. Great work Kindy 3!


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