The Time is Now ★Kindy 3


We started learning how to tell the time. Let’s check what time it is now.

Reading the top of the hour and half past was no trouble for us so let’s try to learn other times as well. Quarter past and quarter till are easy too.

On to the harder times. We practiced reading the clock at 5 minute intervals before playing a game racing to read the time.

It was really hard but we had a lot of fun competing against each other. We all wanted to win and tried to read the clock as fast as possible.

Once we had reading the clock down pretty well we moved on to setting the clock on our own. We make it look easy but drawing the hands on the clock is harder than it looks.

Setting the clock was a little harder and we will continue to practice as the year goes along but we managed to set all the times.

The class really got into it and even tried to help each other out when they were writing. It’s great to see everyone working together to help out as a team.

In the end we had so much fun learning about time and now we can always tell what time it is.

Great job Kindy 3!


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