This Is Our Library! ☆ Preschool


This past Friday, Preschool was allowed to borrow books from our bookcase! We had a hard time choosing which book we wanted to take home!

“I can only take one home… How can I choose?”

Sometimes we found books with our friends and were very curious about what they had decided to borrow! There were so many choices it was difficult to decide!

“Which one do I like the most?”

“We all found books we like!”

Once we chose our books, we had to do our best to put it in the file with our name on it to make sure it didn’t get lost! This part could be a little bit tricky!

Good job, keep trying!

Sometimes it can be difficult to open something new, but we all did our best! It’s so exciting to take books home for the first time! We were so proud we wanted to show off our files!

“We did it ourselves! We can’t wait to take it home!”

Finally, after all of the choices and packing, the books were ready to be put in our backpacks. This was the most exciting part! That means the book was ready to go home with us!

“Let’s pack them up so we can read them this weekend!”

Everyone had a good time choosing books and getting ready to take them home for the weekend! We hope you had fun reading the books to your family, Preschool!


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