This Mat Is So New And Exciting! ☆ Preschool


We decided to play a few games on our mat so we can enjoy its fresh, new feeling!

We all waited nicely while the games were being explained to us. There was a lot to listen to, so we had to try our best!

Nice sitting!

For our first game, we got to stand with our friends in the middle and wait for a letter to be called.

We’re listening! So now let’s go together!

We found Oo and Qq!

Our letters were Jj and Ll!

I found Ff so I posed like a frog!

For our next activity, we had to listen to music and walk around and around on the letters! Pay careful attention not to walk too closely to your friends!

Walking walking! Let’s try to stay in line!

When the music stops, everyone stands still. Suddenly, we get asked:

“Who is standing on the red side?”

We are!

Good listening! “Who’s standing on the orange side?”

We’re standing on orange! Yes!

“Is someone standing on the pink side?”

I am!

Everyone had so much fun listening to music and looking for the letters with their friends! There are a lot of fun games and activities we can do on our new mat and we want to do them all! This is only the beginning! Good job, Preschool!


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