We are Becoming Soccer Stars ★Kindy 3 (年長クラス)


Hello Kindy 3!

We have been practicing a lot of physical activities recently and kicking is next on our list. We continue to get better so we wanted to show you too!

We began our journey into kicking by trying to kick the ball across the gym from one side to the other and make a goal. It is much harder than it seems, but to add to the stakes we added some goalies too!

The ball goes quick at times but we are able to block most of the goals from getting through and had a lot of fun competing against each other. After learning to kick for distance and power, next up was trying to have some accuracy.

We started this by practicing to kick by using the inside of our feet. Since it was new to us it was a bit difficult to keep our balance. After a bit we were able to do it.

We set up in teams of 3 and everyone was excited to try hitting the target so they gave it their all. There were quite a few misses but we were eager to try again!

There was so much fun and so many laughs that we all were able to have a great time. Everyone was encouraging their teams and even cheering for the other teams!

In the end we were even able to hit our target and knock over the blocks. It was a very rewarding achievement and everyone cheered! We are going to get even more next time!

Great work Kindy 3, we knew you could do it!


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