We are getting ready to wow you! (Kindy 1)


Hello everyone!

Kindy 1 is beginning to practice our dances for the Christmas Concert. We have begun to learn the hardest dances first! Even though they get a little tricky at times, we are having fun.

Sometimes we forget where we need to go, or what we need to do…


But our friends are always there to help us find our place. Thank you so much for being so kind!

Let’s all listen closely to what we need to do next. I bet it will be something fun! Hopefully we are all quick learners.


Lets make sure everyone is really quiet for the next part. Can you show me how quiet you can be? Okay everyone, SHHHHHHH!

I’m sorry Sarah, we can’t hear you!!

We are trying something new with our hands to. What does it look like to hold a cup of tea? Hmm, oh, I know! One hand is the saucer and the other hand holds the cup. Let’s sip the tea together.

Everyone is so excited to dance to such an energetic song. Our favorite part has to be when we are jumping or marching.


Can you see our deer?

We are working hard so we can wow you for the Christmas Concert. I hope you are all ready for an amazing show!


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