We Can Say “I Do!” ☆ Preschool


Preschool is practicing using their big voice and paying very close attention to what their teachers are saying! First, we have to look very closely at our letter cards.

It’s very important to know what the letter is so we know when it has been called!

We want to hold the card nicely!

It’s good to pay attention to others, too!

Our teachers will ask: “Who has the letter F?”

In a big voice, we can say: “I do!”

We want to raise our hands high to show we are listening and that we have the answer.

“I was listening for my letter!”

“I have it!”

“I put my hand up so high!”

“I found it!”

Sometimes we look up to make sure we haven’t missed our chance!

“Will my letter be next?”

We can show our letters so they can be checked before we go to the board!

“Check this, please!”

“We are waiting to be called!”

When it’s finally our turn, we go to the white board and stick our letter onto the line!

“I did it!”

Everyone did such a great job during our activity! Good job listening and nice, big voices, Preschool!


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