We did it! (Kindy 1)


Hello Everyone!
Thank you for taking the time to look at our blog.  As this Sunday is Mountain Day, for Science, Nature, we decided we would go mountain climbing!

In Kindy 1 we have been working on holding our scissors and cutting! We have gotten really good at listening to instructions, too!

Firstly we cut out our mountain, snow flakes and snow!

Once we finished one side, we turned our mountain upside-down to finish the other side! It was tricky but we all did it!

Next we glued our mountains onto our paper and coloured-in the sky and our mountain climber. We also traced our names and “I did it”, for our flag.

We have learnt how to hold our paper nicely while doing this so it doesn’t move and we can do a nicer job!

We put on faces on our mountains to say that we can do it! It wasn’t as hard as we thought and we didn’t need much help!

We then finally glued on our ‘snow’ randomly in the sky, and on our mountain, as we learnt its cold up there!

Good job, Kindy 1!
Have a nice weekend and Mountain Day, everyone!!


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