Welcome back to school!★ Kindy 3


Welcome back to school Kindy 3. You’re getting bigger and we are going to learn so many new things this year. Starting with a new morning routine, we are going to be adding some new things and although it may be hard in the beginning, it’s sure to become easy.



Let’s practice for a while as a group then we will be able to do it all on our own.


Everyone is trying to answer questions to help their friends whenever they ask a question. If we work together we can learn new things even quicker.


But of course we will have some fun while learning as well. We had a race to find letters and numbers with a twist. You have to think about opposites during the activity as a competition.


We got very competitive and both teams were trying their best to win in the end.


After all the excitement we were all hungry and ready for lunch. We love our new class room and are excited to spend the year together.

Good job Kindy 3!


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