We’re Learning More Colors! ☆ Preschool


Hello, everyone! Preschool has started learning more colors! Now we are learning to say “dark” and “light” before the color name!

We wanted to look like our new flash cards, so we tried to be gorillas!

I want to try pounding my chest like a gorilla would!

During our first activity, we had to help put our froggy friends into the colored puddles! Should they go in a dark colored puddle or a light colored one? Let’s find out!

Thinking about where my frog should go!

They go in here! Light pink and light yellow!

My frog hops into the dark green puddle!

We’re looking so carefully – there are so many colors!

We did it together!! Good job!

For our next activity, we filled up our ice cream cups with the matching colors! We have to listen and make our choice! Which one is dark ~ ? Which one is light ~ ?

It’s this one!

I’m thinking so hard – dark orange or light orange?

I’m so confident when answering!

Now comes the fun part! We get to fill up the ice cream cup!

I can see the dark gray cup!

Ta-da! I matched the light orange cup and scoop!

Everyone’s getting good at learning their colors and adding more just makes them way more fun! We’re going to keep getting better and better with our color names! Good job, Preschool!


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