We’ve got the WRITE stuff!


Hello again everyone! Kindy 2 is back at it, this time doing some more language arts activities. Every month our books get a little harder and the training wheels are now off. Everyone is now reading and writing largely by themselves!

Everyone has shown terrific improvement since we started doing these workbooks. We are learning to write the entire date on our own, double check our work, and read with minimal help! So far everyone has stepped up to the challenge!

Of course, sometimes it is easy to forget how to spell a word or two. However, now we have learned where to look in our book if we need help remembering! Overall, Kindy 2 has learned to become much more independent!

If push comes to shove, teachers will always be here to help, so no pressure! It’s always important to remember that focus is nice, but it’s more important to have some fun. Keep up the great work Kindy 2! We’re so proud of you!


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