What is English Time 1?


This is English Time 1! We want to show you what we do in class with our teachers Toni and Mika. Before we begin lessons, we talk about the weather. We said “Today is Cloudy” because the rain had stopped when we checked! We use gestures to help us remember our words.

Then we do conversation practice to warm up our voices. These are easy questions so far, like “what’s your name?”, or “how old are you?” Next, we practice our listening skills with action movements like “Let’s walk” or “Let’s run” around our mat. We are all getting used to these questions and phrases! 

In our lessons, we do our flashcards and then a game. You can see how close and comfortable we like to get for our ABC games. 

It’s fun to jump around for our ABC song, too! Our songs give a quick break from our hard focus. 

Our other lessons include our Numbers,



And the different Themes that change every few weeks. Right now, we’re doing the parts of our Body. 

English Time is where we develop and practice our listening, speaking, and writing skills. We also have free play time where we can simply enjoy each other and listen to more natural English than question and answers. If we’re able to finish class early, we even have time for a story! Toni is always asking our opinions on what we want to read, so we always get a vote to choose.


English Time 1 is getting comfortable with each other and our teachers. Every accomplishment is recognized by Toni and Mika. 

Good job, everyone! Let’s continue to do our best!!


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