Boing Boing Boing ☆ Small Kids


Hello, this is Small Kids Class!

We love playtime! Outside playtime is especially exciting! Toni and Mika have shown us all sorts of ways to play with our toys. We’ve started using stilts.

“Step! And, step! And, step!” 

And we always love to race! 

“Three, two, one …”


One thing we have started to do when outside, is play with our friends. We like to hold hands and join in the fun that we see. ^. ^

Sometimes we still need help figuring out exactly how to join in though. 

“Woops! Let’s turn around. It’s okay, it’s still your turn.”

If there is no room, Toni and Mika can help us! We like to bounce on Rody while watching our friends. Hmm, is anyone else playing a new game?

“Ah! Over there!”

What do you see? 

Our newest game! We haven’t figured out jump rope yet, but we sure do like to shake our jump ropes like a snake!

“Shake shake shake!”

“Are you waiting to pass through?” 

Good job Small Kids! I’m so happy to see everyone wanting to play with their friends more. Let’s keep doing our best and have fun, because there are plenty of other games we can still play with everyone!


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