You can count on us!☆Kindy2


Hey everyone! a new month means it’s time for new topics. This month for math we are doing addition! Simply counting numbers is one thing, but addition is a whole different ballgame!

With some visual assistance, Kindy 2 has been learning to grasp the concept of putting two numbers together. If Andrew has two blocks, and Nayu has three, then how many blocks do they have together? If you guessed five, then you would be right!

Of course, teaching math can be a bit daunting. So to assist in the task, we also watched a math episode of Blue’s Clues to make things more fun. We learned addition, how to count and how to tell which numbers are bigger!


To make sure we don’t forget what we learned in class, it’s normal for everyone to answer a quick question before they grab their lunch. This month everyone will have to answer a math problem! So far everyone has done a terrific job! In fact, Kindy 2 makes it look so easy we might have to make things a bit harder! Way to go, Kindy 2!


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